Vaillant sensoHOME Room Thermostat

Introducing Vaillant's new heating control

Designed to be simple to use AND efficient.

The sensoHOME control has been designed with simplicity in mind with intuitive features to make controlling your heating system with ease. It comes with wired and wireless options and communicates with your boiler to adapt its energy consumption depending on what you need.

The Main Benefits:

  • Reduced energy usage
  • Wired or wireless.
  • Effortless Operation.
  • Touch Interface.
  • Intuative Interface.
  • Flexible Control.
  • Time programme assistant.
  • Boiler Modulation.
  • Load Competnsating

The new Vaillant sensoHOME thermostat – designed for ease of use whilst offering great control and flexibilty behind its simple touch interface providing a simplistic method of navigating the control to undertake simple tasks.

Choose from a range of programmes – the sensoHOME has programming options for 7 days, weekdays and weekends or 24-hour time periods, making it easy for you to create your comfort zone.

Reduce your energy bills – the sensoHOME will ensure your Vaillant appliance will run in the most efficient way possible, using the minimum energy to get the temperature you want and saving you money.

Flexible control – the simple menu and override functions allow you to quickly boost the heating and hot water whenever you need.

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Optional Extras:

Companion sensoAPP

With the sensoNET internet gateway you extend the features of the standard unit by adding the ability to control your system from anywhere with the sensoAPP making it easy for you to control heating and hot water anytime, anywhere.

So, if you’re going to be late home, you can delay your heat coming on so you’re not heating an empty house.

The App also gives you access to your Energy Dashboard with enhanced insight into your heating system performance and energy consumption.

Weather Compensation - sensoCOMFORT

When connected to the optional outside sensor (the sensoCOMFORT) the Weather Compensation feature is enabled offering even greater energy savings and comfort. Also available in the sensoAPP (with the optional sensoNET).

Want to see how easy the control is for everyday use?

Why not try the thermostat simulator here .

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