​Replacement Hot Water Cylinders and Systems

​An Old cylinder can contain as much as 50% of its storage as scale deposits. This reduces the efficiency and increases your fuel bill. A new cylinder will be more efficient and use less energy

Why change your hot water storage cylinder?

Vaillant Cylinder

Although standard hot water cylinders generally last for many years without any intervention, in hard water areas such as Sussex, over time, scale will collect in the cylinder.

This scale causes two major problems inside the cylinder:

  1. Over time the scale formed settles at the bottom of the cylinder. This reduces the capacity of the cylinder leading a to reduced amount of space for the hot water. Less space means less hot water and you might find yourself running out of hot water on occasions.
  2. Scale also sticks to the heating pipes (the pipes containing the hot water from the boiler) like scale in a kettle. As more scale covers the pipes in an ever thicker coating, less heat is transferred from the pipes to the stored water surrounding it. This means it takes more energy (higher fuel bills) and more time to heat the stored water.

Whilst this takes time to become a problem (measured in years) if you are experiencing either or both of these problems, it may be time for a new cylinder.

​Unfortunately the inside of hot water cylinders cannot be cleaned so the only option is to replace the storage cylinder.

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​Are there different types of hot water cylinders?

There are two main types of storage cylinders:

Vented Cylinders (standard cylinders)

These are currently the most common types of cylinder in the UK.

They are called vented because they need a small "header" tank in the loft to supply fresh water to the cylinder as you use the stored hot water.

These are relatively in-expensive and straightforward to replace.

Unvented Cylinders

These are the newer type of cylinder which are very common in Europe and the USA.

They do not need a small tank in the loft as they are fed directly from the incoming mains water supply. This means the water is stored under pressure.

Because of the water is stored at a higher pressure than a "standard" cylinder, the unit comes with some extra safety equipment to make sure the pressure is constant and doesn't get too high.

A benefit of the higher pressure is an increased flow rate and volume of water. This means baths fill quicker and showers are more powerful although that will depend on the incoming water supply to your property.

They are extremely safe if installed and maintained correctly and are generally more efficient and quicker to heat than a "standard" cylinder.

Which should I choose?

During our survey we will inspect your current cylinder and recommend the best choice of replacement.

Often, where possible, unvented cylinders are installed because they have longer guarantees and give a better flow of water for modern showers.

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​Over our 20 years in the industry, Coastline Gas and Renewable Energy have installed, replaced and serviced most makes and models of cylinders in the UK market. Vented, unvented and solar compatible, we have the experience to source the best solution for your hot water needs.

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