​Solar thermal Installations

​Hot water for your home generated by the Sun

​What is Solar Thermal?

​There are three conventional ways to generate hot water for your home:

  1. With a hot water storage cylinder and an electrical immersion heater (like a kettle).
  2. With a hot water storage cylinder heated by your gas boiler.
  3. With a gas or electric combination boiler - no stored hot water, the unit turns on when you open a hot tap.

​With options 1 and 2 above, you can add a solar thermal installation.

Solar panels are installed on your roof which when heated by the suns energy, transfer that heat into your stored hot water.

​The benefit of this additional method of heating your hot water is that during daylight (even with cloud cover to a small degree) your hot water is heated for free.

A cutaway solar Panel

​The benefits of choosing Solar Thermal for your Hot Water?

On clear days with little cloud cover, even during the winter, a solar thermal installation can heat up your stored water without having to use your immersion heater or gas boiler.

In fact during the Summer, Solar Thermal can provide up to 100% of your hot water needs.

This brings an immediate saving on your fuel bills which, within a few years, can cover the cost of installing the solar panels and cylinder.

If you are looking to have a new cylinder installed then we can provide an additional FREE quote for the option of installing a solar thermal system.

​From more information about Solar Thermal or a FREE quote, contact us now ...

Why choose Coastline Gas and Renewable Energy for your Solar Thermal Installation?

We supply and fit the market leading Vaillant solar thermal units which give you a complete system solution that uses the sun to produce hot water for your home

  • ​Stylish, high-performance flat plate technology gathers thermal energy and delivers hot water to your home
  • ​The panels are covered by a 10-year guarantee
  • You can combine with a system boiler, cylinder, and controls for a full system solution
  • ​Our installation are certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for quality assurance and to qualify for RHI payments.
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